Authentic French pastry strips made in the USA with the finest all natural ingredients, featuring imported high quality chocolate with minimum 68% cocoa, pure butter, and Tahitian vanilla. Symphony Pasterites strips provide chefs the foundation for a brilliant presentation as they creatively cut and finish the pastry with inspirational garnishes.

Visually appealing and very convenient, individual pastries in a variety of shapes offer the chef versatility and a wider array of choices. Rich classical mousse and sabayon, imported fruit puree, and light, flavorful cake layers laced with deliciously sweet syrups make these individual pastries an ideal choice to expand the dessert menu.

Gluten Free
Symphony offers a line of gluten free desserts that personify simple elegance without sacrificing flavor or texture. Traditional dacquoise made with chocolate, almond, or pistachio are combined with favorites like raspberry and strawberry, or exotic mango and passion fruit. Light, but rich and fulfilling Sabayon and mousse are also blended in delightful combinations to please the palate for a delightful finish.

Special Orders
Pumpkin cheesecake or Yule logs for the holidays, or seasonal fruit tarts are available by special order. Traditional round cakes can be used as a presentation piece for birthday parties or other special occasions. Tiramisu and Edelweiss are featured round cakes, as well as a round flourless Sacher torte that can serve a gluten-free occasion. Keep a couple in stock at your facility to accommodate those pop-up special events. Call to arrange special orders.

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