French Gourmet Croissants
French Gourmet croissants are the personification of this classic pastry bread; made with pure “crème de la crème” butter and natural ingredients to create a light, flaky pastry. Best of all, no proofing is required. French Gourmet croissants are baked directly from freezer to oven for a delicate, golden, and lightly crispy outside and a tender, buttery middle. Perfect for breakfast buffet or lunch time specialty sandwiches. 1.5 ounce and 2.5 ounce portion sizes.

French Gourmet Danish
Café Pak Danish is a variety pack that includes three different Danish; allowing for an expanded selection without holding multiple line items in inventory. Café Pak 1 includes a traditional apple lattice with a cinnamon roll and classical pain au chocolat. Café Pak 5 includes almond bear claws, with wild blueberry pockets, and a lemon cream cheese pillow. No need to proof or thaw; these Danish are baked directly from freezer to oven, which adds versatility and variety to the breakfast specialty menu.


Briotti Danish
Briotti Danish is delicious bite size puff pastry made with butter and natural ingredients. Chocolate, cinnamon, cream cheese, and select fruit flavors are available. Frozen pastry is ready to bake after 15 minutes defrosting. These tender and flaky Danish are packaged so you can use as needed and keep the remainder frozen until required again. Standard mini size is a .8 ounce portion, about 1.5 inches. Also available is a 3.5 inch, 1.5 ounce portion. Have tasty European style Danish freshly baked and ready to eat on demand!

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